Friday, September 20, 2013

Dreaded Yet Surprisingly Simple Dental Procedures

A dental visit happens very occasionally, and yet many still find it a daunting experience. Sometimes, the mere mention of the dentist has people reliving their dental horror stories, so it's not surprising that people can't help but cringe at some procedures. Here are three examples.

Tooth Extraction

The expression “like pulling teeth” is used to mean something really frustrating and sometimes painful. However, having your tooth pulled out isn't as painful as some people might expect, provided the dentist knows his way around the office. Part of the fear is simply psychological; after all, who wouldn't hate the idea of a gaping hole in his mouth?

Root Canal

A root canal is often a procedure used to prevent infections and more serious complications from happening in the future. Some people believe that it is a painful procedure, yet a significant number of people assert that it is really no more painful than having a filling placed.

Oral Prophylaxis

The name may sound scary, but this procedure is just teeth cleaning. There are many who could handle all kinds of pain and yet cringe at having their teeth drilled to get rid of the plaque and debris in their mouths. Again, the suffering is partly psychological.

For those who dread going to the dentist every few months, it is really best to maintain great oral hygiene to avoid any potentially scary procedures. If you want a killer smile, then this is what you must do.


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