Monday, February 24, 2014

Particular Signs You Need a Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment has received an unwarranted bad reputation over the years. However, the procedure is important as it saves a tooth from dying, allowing a person to keep using the tooth for years to come. 

In the past, tooth extraction was the only way to resolve several severe dental problems. Today, root canal treatment can effectively provide relief from the following dental ailments: 


When the nerve ending within the pulp of a tooth is damaged, it becomes extremely sensitive to hot and cold. It is also possible for patients suffering this condition to feel spontaneous toothaches. 

Deep Cavities

Sometimes, cavities can be so severe that it reaches the pulp of the tooth. When this happens, bacteria can infect the pulp and damage the nerve endings. If left untreated, the formation of abscesses become a real possibility. 


Abscesses are pus-filled pockets that form when the pulp of a tooth has died. At this stage, prompt treatment is a must as an abscessed tooth can easily infect other healthy teeth. Contrary to popular belief, root canal treatment is not painful. Throughout the duration of the procedure, you will be under local anesthesia. 

In fact, many patients who have undergone root canal treatment claim the procedure feels like getting dental filling. Nevertheless, be sure to see an experienced dentist for the possibility of you needing root canal treatment the moment you notice the symptoms mentioned above.


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