Friday, July 11, 2014

Wilkes Barre Cosmetic Dentist Recommends Invasalign® to Fix Diastema

Teeth aren’t bonded to a rigid, fixed base; they are anchored by periodontal ligament fibers (found in the gums). A series of cellular processes bond the teeth to the protein fibers in the ligament, which constantly moves and adjusts when exposed to pressure from chewing and other forces. It is this constant movement that creates malocclusions, or teeth misalignment, when even a single tooth is lost or damaged.

A Scranton, PA cosmetic dentistry office like Back Mountain Dental, and other Invasalign® treatment providers, will prescribe the aligners in sets, even if only one pair of teeth are to be corrected. This is to allow the entire set of teeth to adjust and move together as the Invasalign® subtly guides the teeth’s repositioning.


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