Monday, March 23, 2015

Smile Makeover Can Give You the Ideal Smile

Not everyone is born with a great smile. Fortunately, a Wilkes Barre dentist can recommend certain options for improving your smile depending on your specific needs.

Shining Bright

Dark stains and discolorations mar an otherwise beautiful set of teeth. Yet through a whitening procedure, a dentist can restore teeth’s natural glow and color and reverse years of exposure to stain-causing foods, beverages, and medications. One may also opt for dental veneers, porcelain shells that go over teeth to improve their color and shape.
Line Them Up

Over time, teeth can get misaligned and unevenly spaced. These might even cause a certain level of discomfort in some cases. To correct this problem, patients can opt for either traditional or clear orthodontic braces such as Invisalign, depending on the severity of dental misalignment or malocclusion. Although it might take time to see the effect, the results can be dramatic.

Filling in the Gaps

Cavities are the number one enemy of teeth, and are often the result of tooth decay. If left untreated, cavities can lead to gum disease and make tooth extraction necessary, which leaves unsightly gaps in one’s smile. Cavities need to be treated right away, and the treatment often involves using fillings. White fillings that closely match the color of natural teeth can help preserve the teeth’s appearance.

If you feel that your smile is far from perfect, don’t fret. You can see a dentist to learn about your options for achieving that beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.


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