Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Dental Treatments/Conditions Requiring Sedation

Sedation can ensure that a painful treatment can be as painless as possible. However, it’s not always used; there are only a limited number dental treatments that sedation is best used in. Here’s when to opt for sedation dentistry on your next appointment.

Complex Treatments

Some patients don’t mind undergoing invasive dental procedures with the help of local anesthesia. However, there are instances when you might need multiple treatments of the surgical or restorative nature. Local anesthesia might not be strong enough to effectively manage the pain for these extensive treatments. Sedation dentistry can be a viable option for patients near Scranton and elsewhere who face similar situations.

Strong Gag Reflex

Patients with sensitive gag reflexes ­are excellent candidates for sedation dentistry. You might feel more comfortable as you don’t need to worry about throwing up during the procedure. If you are having work done on your back teeth, ask your dentist about whether you can do so while under sedation for a more comfortable experience. 

Only a dentist with a sedation background can help you determine whether sedation is necessary for your case or not. Be sure to go to established practices near Scranton for all your general and cosmetic dental care needs.


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