Thursday, October 31, 2013

Films That Change the Way You Look At Your Dentist

Dentists clean and fix your perfect smile. Some love them, others fear them. Dentists are usually friendly people, talking to you while probing your mouth with a mirror. Those talks tend to become awkward and funny at the same time, as you try answering your dentist with a mirror checking out your molars.
Dentistry is a very nice and quiet profession, but it does not escape Hollywood. Like all other professions, the bright lights gave dentists attitude, and some films actually cemented the profession’s scary reputation:
  1. Finding Nemo – The children love Nemo and hate P. Sherman, whose dental office is located at 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. Gill and the gang know their dentistry too. This film is so famous that an actual dentist has a tank with fish from the film.
  2. Good Luck Chuck – Even if Rotten Tomatoes gave this film a horrible rating, you cannot deny that this film made dentists sexier. Maybe the credit is due to either Dane Cook or Jessica Alba.
  3. Marathon Man – Christian Szell is dubbed as the most famous and terrifying screen dentist of all. The Freddy Krueger of dentists, with his famous “Is it safe?” line, could be the source of much of the fear people have about dentists.
The Hollywood treatment did put dentists on the map, regardless of the reputations these films gave dentists. Watching these films will give a little color to your next trip to the dentist’s chair.


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