Sunday, October 13, 2013

What to Do After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

In most cases, wisdom teeth will not have enough room to grow in, resulting in them erupting in various angles, even completely horizontally. This will be extremely painful, thus you will have to get it extracted. Here are some valuable thoughts that you should take into consideration after the extraction process.

Prepare ahead of time by buying some cold packs, as you will need these in the primary pain control after the surgery. You should also seek pain medication prescription from your dentist ahead of time so that you could begin taking it immediately after the procedure. You should only opt for over-the-counter pain medicine when your dentist does not give you a specific one to take.

Don't drive yourself to and from the procedure; have someone tag along with you, as it is extremely dangerous to be operating a vehicle when in a drugged state, thanks to the applied anesthesia. You might also want to free up the rest of your day for this, because the anesthesia will only fade after about 24 hours.

You will have to drink a lot of fluids after the surgery, but you might want to avoid doing so through a straw, since the sucking motion will create a dry socket and lead to a painful sensation. You should also refrain from brushing or using mouthwash 24 hours after the procedure.


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