Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Prevent Teeth Stains with Help from a Wilkes Barre Cosmetic Dentist

If stained teeth are the only thing that prevents people from giving a nice, warm smile, then a cosmetic dentist in Wilkes Barre or in a nearby area can help through whitening treatment. Some of the whitening methods available include laser whitening, plasma arc lights, and deep bleaching. Over-the-counter products like toothpastes, gels, and others also guarantee pearly white teeth after a few days or weeks of use. An article posted on the Discovery Fit and Health website discusses the intrinsic stains that develop inside the tooth itself, causing discoloration: Only your dentist can correct intrinsic stains, through the use of such cosmetic procedures as composite resin bonding and porcelain laminate veneers (which essentially cover the offending colored area with opaque material). Stains from food and drink can often be removed with a professional dental cleaning.


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