Thursday, November 28, 2013

What Tooth Decay Problems Can Lead to

Tooth decay is a big problem in the United States, particularly in Pennsylvania where about 50 percent of all children aged 15 and below are affected. Along with asthma and the common cold, tooth decay is one of the biggest contributors to school and work absences. By itself, tooth decay isn't a life-threatening medical condition, but the complications associated with tooth decay can be very unbearable to some people and may even have long-term effects.

For instance, the pain caused by tooth decay can have serious consequences on a person's eating habits, resulting in poor nutrition in the long run. The loss of the tooth itself negatively impacts a person's appearance and thus can most possibly lead to poor self-esteem and self-confidence. Worse cases of tooth decay can lead to oral infections which cause further damage not only to other teeth, but also to the gums and jaw.

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why tooth decay is worse than other people think is that it is common and rather easy to acquire. Certain foods like milk, cookies, cakes, soda, and corn chips can cause tooth decay simply because they cling to the tooth for long periods of time, and they aren't easily dissolved by saliva. If not kept in check, tooth decay can lead to a total breakdown of teeth. To avoid this grim scenario, people are recommended to visit their dentists at least every six months.


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