Friday, September 12, 2014

Busting Common Bad Breath Myths

A social nuisance, an embarrassing problem – you usually associate those words with bad breath. Like any other common social issue or condition, bad breath has spurred myths and misconceptions, and here’s the truth behind some of them:

Only food like garlic and onion cause the odor.
Although pungent food and beverages contribute to an offensive breath, they’re not the only culprits. Tobacco or cigarettes can also leave a foul smell in your mouth. However, bacteria is almost always to blame for nasty odors. When microbes that are naturally present in your mouth proliferate, they give off toxins and emit a foul odor.

Breath mints can get rid of the smell.
Handy mint candies and other advertised breath fresheners can only mask the smell temporarily. Sometimes, however, they can cause the condition themselves, as sugars encourage dry mouth and bacterial growth – a true recipe for bad breath. Drinking plain water can be a better quick-fix, and brushing twice or thrice a day, flossing daily, and cleaning your inner cheeks and tongue can keep your breath minty and fresh.

Bad breath is never a serious condition.

Aside from simply an abundance of bacteria, bad breath may stem from serious dental issues or even other health problems. Halitosis – the medical term for bad breath – can signal rotten teeth or diseased gums. It can also be a symptom of illnesses like chronic acid reflux or lung diseases. Visit you dentist regularly to keep your oral health in check and effectively manage persistent bad breath.


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