Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cosmetic Dentist in Wilkes Barre Helping You with the Wedding Smile

There are many wedding venues in the city, but the sheer activity the couple will undergo in thanking guests for coming underlines the importance of putting on a happy, vibrant face after such a rite of passage. When you are in need of a dazzling smile that will leave its mark on your guests (and your wedding photo album), consult a cosmetic dentist in Wilkes Barre such as Dr. James DeFinnis, DMD for your options. Teeth whitening is often one of the preferred options for shaping up your wedding day smile. A consultation with your preferred dentist is usually recommended weeks before the wedding, and the payment plans are to be discussed at the same time; the discussion will also tackle possible sensitivities to the whitening solution. The second meeting will see the dentist kick off the whitening using the Deep Bleaching system, which works by eliminating stains from deep in the enamel and bring in more oxygen to the teeth.


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