Monday, November 17, 2014

Get a Root Canal to Ensure Your Dental Health

An infection in the pulp of one tooth can easily spread to neighboring teeth. This is why a single infection needs to be quickly treated by a root canal. A root canal treatment, also known as an endodontic treatment, boasts of a high success rate, and you can even expect your tooth’s function to be restored a short time after.

Symptoms of Pulp Damage

The infection that can damage your teeth’s pulp may cause inflammation, as well as a host of other symptoms. Some of these include toothaches, chewing or biting pains, facial swelling, the presence of pus around the affected tooth, extreme sensitivity to hot or cold foods, loosening of the tooth, and swelling of the gums. Should you experience any of these symptoms, be sure to call your dentist immediately for an appointment.

What Could Happen

When bacteria attacks the pulp and you’re unable to keep the bacterial invasion at bay, the harmful microorganisms multiply and potentially spread to the rest of the mouth, wreaking all sorts of havoc. It could even affect the surrounding bone and could even lead to bone loss in your jaw.

How Root Canal Helps

As previously mentioned, the infected pulp is removed through root canal treatment, by which the tooth is then carefully cleaned out and disinfected. A filling is then placed over the vacated space, to make sure that it doesn’t get infected by bacteria again. This should help save your teeth from needing serious work in the future.


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