Monday, November 10, 2014

Learning about IV Sedation Dentistry

Fear or anxiety is a typical feeling of patients waiting to get dental treatment. The degree of fear varies according to the invasiveness of the procedure. However, there are people who fear even the simplest checkup or dental cleaning. In effect, they avoid dental treatment and eventually suffer certain dental diseases.

Fortunately, you can always count on sedation dentistry. For the patient, it will be a practically pain-free experience as sedatives help calm them down by slowing the action of their central nervous system. They’re still aware of their surroundings, but are generally less responsive to stimuli like sound, touch, and smell. During dental procedures, patients terrified of hearing a drill, feeling the prick of a needle, or seeing blood are relieved of their anxiety.

IV sedation dentistry is among the most looked up to in the field of dentistry. Indeed, IV sedation dentistry helps both the skilled dentist and his patient. For the dentist, treating anxious and thereby uncooperative patients will be easier as the IV sedatives induce a relaxed state. The induced state of relaxation varies from mild to moderate, depending on the procedures to be done and the patient’s level of anxiety.

Needless to say, IV sedatives are administered with utmost caution to keep patients alert and responsive throughout the whole process. A skilled approach by a certified and experienced dentist in Scranton is what keeps IV sedation dentistry safe and effective for those who need it most.


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