Monday, December 15, 2014

How Invisalign Protects Against Bullying

Having a complete set of teeth can boost one’s self-esteem, but not everyone is fortunate to have such a pleasant attribute. For people with overcrowded or wide-spaced teeth, however, the adolescent phase is the least pleasant stage of growing up.

Metal braces are effective solutions for misaligned teeth, but teens who do wear the application still end up earning cruel names, the most common of which is “metal mouth”, only further amplifying their ordeal. Adolescents are quite self-conscious and this bullying can have severe effects on their self-image, which they can take to heart until adulthood.

Fortunately, teens can still straighten their teeth without having to wear metal braces. Cosmetic dentists offer Invisalign braces. It can help teens’ teeth form correctly without the very obvious “metal mouth”.

The system makes use of a clear, removable, non-irritating pair of plastic aligners custom fit to one’s teeth. Each pair is worn depending on how much work is needed to strengthen the teeth. These aligners can also be removed when brushing and while eating to avoid the hassle of food being stuck to it.

Although straightening teeth may seem more founded on aesthetic reasons, there’s no denying that crooked teeth can be damaging to a growing teen’s self-esteem and social confidence. Address these cosmetic issues now with the help of your dentist to improve your child’s smile and confidence.


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