Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Root Canal Treatment for Decayed Teeth

Root canals were once thought to lead to cancer. This theory, however, have long been disproved due to lack of actual scientific support. Sadly, unsubstantiated claims like the root canal/cancer correlation have been instrumental in further fanning dental fear among many patients who choose to suffer the effects of decayed teeth rather than go to a dentist for treatment.

Root canals have been practiced by dentists for decades, serving to remove abscess in a tooth that has badly decayed, and sealing the cavity afterwards, in the effort to save the tooth from extraction. In dental care, a skilled dentist and elsewhere will always examine a problem tooth first to see if it can saved, and will resort to extraction only when this remains the only viable option to arrest the spread of bacteria in the mouth.
Root canal is generally painless, particularly with the administration of dental anesthesia. Patients with extreme dental fear, however, may resort to sedation dentistry which is offered by experienced dentists. Sedation dentistry is a revolutionary solution that allows patients to feel relaxed and alleviates their anxiety during a dental procedure.

Rather than fear unproven stories about dental procedures, patients should be more wary of the spread of infection from a decayed tooth. Root canals and other treatments performed by highly trained dentists effectively address this threat, preserving not just a person’s oral health, but also his general well-being.


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