Monday, February 9, 2015

New Dental Tech Helps With Dental Problems

People nervous about visiting their dentists should have less to worry about because the latest technologies make things easier for them. For example: one of the latest tools of the trade in dentistry is DIAGNOdent. This device emits harmless pulses of light at a wavelength of 655 nm to detect fluorescence, which is inherent in carious teeth. A display value of 21 and above on the machine indicates carious activity.

Such a device has become very useful because widespread fluoride use in recent times has resulted in smaller cavities that are harder to detect with traditional dental instruments. These smaller cavities are not any less threatening, however, as they can escalate and cause serious decays unless detected and treated early enough.

Once the dentist confirms the location of carious teeth, he can perform the necessary treatment. As much as possible, dentists will try to save decayed teeth through such methods as root canals and fillings. In some instances, however, the only alternative is extraction. The dentist might decide on this if the tooth has deteriorated to the point that it could infect nearby teeth, or the gums.

Extraction is understandably the worst fear of many dental patients. To address this, trusted dental offices offer sedation dentistry that has been proven very effective in calming down even the most anxious patients. Sedation dentistry in Scranton facilities may be done intravenously, which has been found in many cases to be more effective, particularly in treatments that take a longer time to complete.


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