Thursday, February 12, 2015

New Tech Makes Dental Crowns in Hours Not Weeks

In the past it took weeks to get a dental crown. Nowadays, it’s much faster. The traditional procedure for getting a dental crown involves getting an impression of the ground down tooth and surrounding teeth. The impression is then sent to a lab which crafts the crown, often taking a few weeks.  Today, a trusted Wilkes Barre, PA dentist need only use a special camera to take an image of the ground down tooth, which is then uploaded to the CAD/CAM unit.

Once the image is processed in the machine, the “magic” happens. The program constructs a 3D image of the ground down tooth—with the crown in place. Afterwards, data from the 3D image generator is transferred into a machine which builds the crown from the image, using drilled sugar cube-sized porcelain blocks. After a few test-fits, voila! The crown is ready for installation.

This wonderful technological innovation is a huge step up in dentistry, and is a timely one, too. Today’s world is simply too fast-paced, and people are often too busy to allot time for multiple visits to the dentist. Aside from the convenience, the single visit procedure allows for less physical intrusions on the affected part of the mouth, minimizing potential irritation, as well as trauma. Finally, the process’ success rate is amplified, as it is more precise than the traditional method. All in all, CAD/CAM dental crown manufacturing is nothing short of impressive. 


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