Saturday, March 1, 2014

Why More People Are Choosing Invisalign

People who need a teeth alignment procedure yet can’t cope with the irritation and confinement caused by metal braces can consider getting Invisalign. Like traditional braces, this orthodontic device is used to straighten teeth alignment and improve smile. However, it has some unique and beneficial characteristics not found in metal braces.

When a person wearing Invisalign smiles, you can barely see the device clasped on the surface of the teeth. The reason for this is that the device is made from a translucent plastic material, thus the name. While Invisalign isn’t perfectly invisible− its semi-transparent appearance even provides glow on the teeth− unlike metal braces that almost always bring embarrassment to the wearer.

Additionally, Invisalign is removable. Meaning, the wearer can remove it when her or she finds the need to, for instance, before brushing or flossing. This prevents the formation of plaques that lead to cavities, a dental issue often associated with traditional braces.

Invisalign has definitely changed the way people look at most orthodontic treatments, especially teeth alignment. Today, more people will have their chance of getting their jagged or misaligned teeth straightened to restore their smile. No wonder more and more people are preferring this device to its metal counterpart.


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